How the Law of Attraction Saved Me

A few years ago Iwas attracting car accidents. A poor little old man ran a stop sign and broadsided me, injuring my head and shoulder. I went on to have 3 fender benders that were my fault. I wondered what was going on, and how I could be having such bad luck. I was living at a level of fear and anger. Everything was changing in my career, and it felt like the rug was being pulled out from under my feet. My anxiety was through the roof, and as the job security evaporated I started having nightmares about crawling along the edge of a cliff and starving to death. It wasn’t pretty. And healthwealthlovethe more I worried about losing money, the more I did.

Then one night I felt pressed to go to the drugstore and buy a magazine. I found a magazine titled “Law of Attraction.” Inside I read that according to the Law of Attraction, your thoughts and feelings attract the people, situations and things in your life. Wow. No wonder so many bad things were happening to me! I was having really negative thoughts all the time and expecting the worst! It was all a self-fulfilling prophecy!

The Law of Attraction made sense to me on so many levels. First, I could see what was happening in my own life. Also, I instantly recognized that this was in agreement with everything I had witnessed with with my students. Those who were alike instantly found each other, almost without talking. Those who had a lot of drama in their lives kept recreating it by focusing on it and recreating it. Those who did well in school focused on their success. It all made sense.

According to the law of attraction, what you focus on expands, your thoughts create your world. You are what you think! If you want to change your life, you have to change your thoughts. Good thoughts create good emotions. When you feel good, you attract good things. And you can start to develop good habits that lead to success.


So how do you train yourself to have the mindset and emotions that lead to success? Here are a few suggestions:


  1. It is incredibly fun to sit down and think about what your ideal life looks like. Dream like a teenager! What kind of relationships do you have? What does you home look like? What kind of car do you have? How do you spend your time? What do you look like? What is your physical and mental health like?wishlist
  2. Now write down a statement for each area of your life. For example: I am enjoying complete mental and physical health! I am now creating loving, harmonious relationships! I earn over $100,000 a year! These are called positive affirmations, and they must be stated in the positive and in present tense. If, for example, you said “I will not have any car accidents,” what you are actually focusing on is car accidents. An effective affirmation would be “I drive safely and have a clean driving record.” Once you’ve created your affirmations, you repeat them several times a day to get yourself feeling good and excited. If your mind at first says “no way, ain’t gonna happen, all I do is screw up,” just ignore it and keep repeating your affirmations until you believe them.
  3. Visualise your ideal life. Spend time seeing it in your mind or create a “vision board.” Find pictures of the things you want and create a collage. Have fun and feel excited! Every time you see the pictures, it will help you feel happy now and get to the place  you want to be.
  4. If you’re not feeling great, and visualising and affirming your ideal life isn’t helping, do something else that makes you feel great! Listen to your favorite music, spend time with your favorite pet, person or hobby. Do what it takes to get to a better place. And keep reading my blog. You’ll find more tips to help you lose the anxiety and the bad stuff and live a beautiful life!


Yep, the Law of Attraction gave me the hope I needed that I could achieve the life of my dreams. I’ve already been able to check a lot of things off my list, and I am working on the rest. And by the way. . .I’ve had a safe driving record ever since!


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